Imagination works best in a creative mind that is open to new ideas. Such imagination inspires innovation. We innovate to give structure to  ingenuity and to design buildings that are a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.


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imagine / innovate / inspire

ARCHIYAH DESIGN STUDIO  believes that imagination is the first step towards innovation. We innovate building concepts that transcend all barriers and inspire generations. We help design safe, healthy, and comfortable dwellings for communities.

Imagination ignites creativity. The imposing pyramids of Giza, the intriguing tower of Pisa, the Statue of Liberty, the Sydney Opera House – all these architectural marvels had one thing in common. They first took shape in the imaginative mind of an architect. We, at ARCHIYAH DESIGN STUDIO, are driven to excellence by this same imagination. It fuels our passion to innovate.  It inspires us to excel. Our designs are inspired by sparks of imagination and created with meticulous care and astute planning to integrate our innovative ideas.



We are passionate about our work, and have garnered experience in several architectural, interior design, and master planning projects. We are a progressive and unpretentious team of promising architects with an inventive mind and sunny disposition. We are responsible and have the enthusiasm and experience to handle large-scale projects with ease and élan.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Master planning
  • 3D Visualization
  • Offshore and Marine architectural design ( in partnership with OMS Estonia- Pacific DelROMS Consultants Inc.)

about us

We are an idealistic team of highly  imaginative, dependable, and professional architects with an unflinching flair for innovation, coupled with the zeal for fusing the traditional with the contemporary based in the Philippines.

Our vibrant team is ever in the quest for the latest trends in the world of aesthetic architecture and break-through technology. We keenly observe the world around us and derive inspiration from it. We strive to strike a balance between contextual, aesthetic, environmental, and cost considerations.

Since its inception in 2009, ARCHIYAH DESIGN STUDIO has carved a niche for itself by providing unique, creative, contemporary, and inspiring design solutions, addressing specific requirements of clients. Our studio is the hub for all our creative brainstorming and innovative designing.

We are young  architects who are knowledgeable about the nuances of the industry. We have extensive experience in designing residential, commercial, institutional, and religious buildings, as well as civic and learning centers.



In a world that is replete with concrete  skyscrapers and depleting natural resources, ARCHIYAH DESIGN STUDIO aims to meet the needs of today without compromising our future generations’ ability to fulfill theirs. As architects, we do more than design and beautify the city we live in and love. Our creations popularize and propagate the principles of environmental sustainability.

To reinforce our ideal, at the start of every project, we deliberate on whether the material we propose to buy is really necessary and debate about its safety, sustainability, and its effect on the general public.  Possible alternatives are thoroughly researched.

Our ultimate aim is to imagine and design buildings that will stand the test of time – as icons of architectural excellence and creative flourish. Well-loved, well-preserved, and inspiring future generations. Conscientious effort is made to minimize the effects of our creations on our environment.



It is our firm belief that every space in a building has its own character. It reflects the personality of its occupant(s). During our interactions with the client, we try to understand his personality and style. These observations are then incorporated into the design in a subtle fashion. Every space has its own distinct character and style.



In today’s scenario, space is of essence. Making every inch of space matter is our earnest endeavor. The functional spaces we create, catering to the requirements of our clients, are a culmination of our imagination and innovation.


Client-centric Approach

At ARCHIYAH DESIGN STUDIO, the client’s wish is our command. We realize the importance of continuous and collaborative discussions between the client, the architect, and the intended users. There is no lapse in communication between the parties involved. Our clients inspire us to imagine creatively and design differently. Our team is with the client, every step of the way.



There is never a ‘one-design-fits-all’ scenario in architecture. Each location has its own requirements and demands. Architectural designing is intrinsically linked to the place where the building will stand. In our predevelopment survey of the site, we map its ecological profile. This triggers our imagination and we chart creative strategies for appropriate design.

We try to make the most of the climate of a location and other factors like natural ventilation and natural lighting to achieve optimum building design. Our designs are simple and cost-effective yet elegant, sophisticated, and durable. We offer premium service that is also economical.


the bigger picture

ARCHIYAH DESIGN STUDIO believes that their buildings must inspire awe and evoke a sense of pride in people. They should awaken their sense of responsibility to protect it for posterity.

While working on a project, our plans are not limited to the immediate job but are aimed at the bigger picture, several years ahead. We envision the future when we plan for the present. As responsible professionals, we consider it our duty to contribute to a sustainable and greener future.